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Air pollution and energy policies/References


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Key publications

Kruyt et al., 2009
B. Kruyt‚ D. P. van Vuuren‚ H. J. M. de Vries‚ H. Groenenberg (2009). Indicators for energy security. Energy Policy‚ 37(6)‚ pp.2166-2181.
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Van Ruijven et al., 2012
B. J. van Ruijven‚ J. Schers‚ D. P. van Vuuren (2012). Model-based scenarios for rural electrification in developing countries. Energy‚ 38(1)‚ pp.386-397.
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All cited references

AGECC, 2010
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EC, 2010
EC (2010). Energy 2020: A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy‚ Communication from the commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the regions‚ European Commission‚ Brussels.

PBL, 2012
PBL (2012). Roads from Rio+20: Pathways to achieve global sustainability goals by 2050‚ D.P. Van Vuuren‚ M.T.J. Kok (eds.)‚ PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency‚ The Hague. Link to PBL-website:

Van Ruijven et al., 2008
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