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Costanza et al., 1997


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Publication type: Journal article
Title: The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital
Authors: R. Costanza, R. d'Arge, R.S. De Groot, S. Farber, M. Grasso, B. Hannon, K. Limburg, S. Naeem, R.V. O'Neil, J. Paruelo, R.G. Raskin, P. Sutton, M van den Belt
Year: 1997
Journal: Nature
Volume: 387
Pages: 253-260
Citation:R. Costanza‚ R. d'Arge‚ R.S. De Groot‚ S. Farber‚ M. Grasso‚ B. Hannon‚ K. Limburg‚ S. Naeem‚ R.V. O'Neil‚ J. Paruelo‚ R.G. Raskin‚ P. Sutton‚ M van den Belt (1997). The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital. Nature‚ 387‚ pp.253-260.

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