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Daioglou et al., 2014


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Publication type: Journal article
Title: Energy demand and emissions of the non-energy sector
Authors: V. Daioglou, A.P. Faaij, D. Saygin, M.K. Patel, B. Wicke, D.P. Van Vuuren
Year: 2014
Journal: Energy & Environmental Science
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Pages: 482-498
Link to the PBL-website:
DOI or URL: 10.1039/C3EE42667J
Citation:V. Daioglou‚ A.P. Faaij‚ D. Saygin‚ M.K. Patel‚ B. Wicke‚ D.P. Van Vuuren (2014). Energy demand and emissions of the non-energy sector. Energy & Environmental Science‚ 7(2)‚ pp.482-498‚ doi: Link to PBL-website:

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