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Foley et al., 2011


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Publication type: Journal article
Title: Solutions for a cultivated planet
Authors: J.A. Foley, N. Ramankutty, K.A. Brauman, E.S. Cassidy, J.S. Gerber, M. Johnston, N.D. Mueller, C. O'Connell, D.K. Ray, P.C. West, C. Balzer, E.M. Bennett, Carpenter S.R., J. Hill, C. Monfreda, S. Polasky, J. Rockström, J. Sheehan, S. Siebert, D. Tilman, D.P.M. Zaks
Year: 2011
Journal: Nature
Volume: 478
Pages: 337-342
Citation:J.A. Foley‚ N. Ramankutty‚ K.A. Brauman‚ E.S. Cassidy‚ J.S. Gerber‚ M. Johnston‚ N.D. Mueller‚ C. O'Connell‚ D.K. Ray‚ P.C. West‚ C. Balzer‚ E.M. Bennett‚ Carpenter S.R.‚ J. Hill‚ C. Monfreda‚ S. Polasky‚ J. Rockström‚ J. Sheehan‚ S. Siebert‚ D. Tilman‚ D.P.M. Zaks (2011). Solutions for a cultivated planet. Nature‚ 478‚ pp.337-342.

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