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ADVANCE project +ADVANCE project  +
Access to drinking water and sanitation +Access to drinking water and sanitation  +
Accessibility - grid +Accessibility - grid  +
Actual crop and grass production - grid +Actual crop and grass production - grid  +
Adaptation costs +Adaptation costs  +
Adaptation level +Adaptation level  +
AgMIP and ISI-MIP project +AgMIP and ISI-MIP project  +
Agricultural area - grid +Agricultural area - grid  +
Agricultural economy +Agricultural economy  +
Agricultural economy/Data uncertainties limitations +Agricultural economy/Data uncertainties limitations  +
Agricultural economy/Description +Agricultural economy/Description  +
Agricultural economy/Policy issues +Agricultural economy/Policy issues  +
Agriculture and land use +Agriculture and land use  +
Air pollution and energy policies +Air pollution and energy policies  +
Air pollution and energy policies/Data uncertainties limitations +Air pollution and energy policies/Data uncertainties limitations  +
Air pollution and energy policies/Policy issues +Air pollution and energy policies/Policy issues  +
Air pollution policy +Air pollution policy  +
Algal blooms in lakes +Algal blooms in lakes  +
Animal productivity +Animal productivity  +
Animal stocks +Animal stocks  +
Aquatic MSA - grid +Aquatic MSA - grid  +
Aquatic biodiversity +Aquatic biodiversity  +
Aquatic biodiversity/Data uncertainties limitations +Aquatic biodiversity/Data uncertainties limitations  +
Aquatic biodiversity/Description +Aquatic biodiversity/Description  +
Aquatic biodiversity/Policy issues +Aquatic biodiversity/Policy issues  +
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