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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • model (from/to model)
  • model (end-indicator)
  • driver
  • external parameter
  • historical data

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Access to drinking water and sanitation +model (end-indicator)  +
Accessibility - grid +external parameter  +
Actual crop and grass production - grid +model (from/to model)  +
Adaptation costs +model (end-indicator)  +
Adaptation level +driver  +
Agricultural area - grid +model (from/to model)  +
Air pollution policy +driver  +
Algal blooms in lakes +model (end-indicator)  +
Animal productivity +driver  +
Animal stocks +model (from/to model)  +
Aquatic MSA - grid +model (end-indicator)  +


BC, OC and NOx emissions +model (from/to model)  +
Bioenergy area +model (from/to model)  +
Bioenergy production +model (from/to model)  +
Biofuel policy +driver  +
Biome and eco-region - grid +external parameter  +
Built-up area - grid +driver  +


CLUmondo specific input - grid +external parameter  +
CO and NMVOC emissions +model (from/to model)  +
CO2 concentration +model (from/to model)  +
CO2 emission from energy and industry +model (from/to model)  +
CO2 stored +model (end-indicator)  +
Capital supply +driver  +
Carbon pools in soil and timber - grid +model (from/to model)  +
Carbon pools in vegetation - grid +model (from/to model)  +
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