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Smith et al., 2012


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Publication type: Book section
Title: Energy and health
Authors: KR Smith, K Balakrishnan, C.D. Butler, Z. Chafe, I. Fairlie, P. Kinney, T. Kjellstrom, D.L. Mauzerall, T. McKone, A. McMichael, M. Schneider, P Wilkinson
Year: 2012
Book title: The Global Energy Assessment: Toward a More Sustainable Future
Editors: GEA
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
City: Cambridge, UK / IIASA, Laxenburg
Citation:KR Smith‚ K Balakrishnan‚ C.D. Butler‚ Z. Chafe‚ I. Fairlie‚ P. Kinney‚ T. Kjellstrom‚ D.L. Mauzerall‚ T. McKone‚ A. McMichael‚ M. Schneider‚ P Wilkinson (2012). Energy and health. In: GEA (eds.)‚ The Global Energy Assessment: Toward a More Sustainable Future. Cambridge University Press‚ Cambridge, UK / IIASA, Laxenburg.

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