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Thomson et al., 2011


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Publication type: Journal article
Title: RCP4.5: A pathway for stabilization of radiative forcing by 2100
Authors: A.M. Thomson, K.V. Calvin, S. J. Smith, G.P. Kyle, A.. Volke, P. Patel, S.. Delgado-Arias, B. Bond-Lamberty, M.A. Wise, L.E. Clarke, J.A. Edmonds
Year: 2011
Journal: Climatic Change
Volume: 109
Issue: 1-2
Pages: 77-94
DOI or URL: 10.1007/s10584-011-0151-4
Citation:A.M. Thomson‚ K.V. Calvin‚ S. J. Smith‚ G.P. Kyle‚ A.. Volke‚ P. Patel‚ S.. Delgado-Arias‚ B. Bond-Lamberty‚ M.A. Wise‚ L.E. Clarke‚ J.A. Edmonds (2011). RCP4.5: A pathway for stabilization of radiative forcing by 2100. Climatic Change‚ 109(1-2)‚ pp.77-94‚ doi:

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