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Help wiki syntax

The default wiki editor, available in edit mode, contains a number of edit functions in buttons above the free text window. In this wiki you will add a lot of content via forms. The buttons will not function in a form and consequently you will have to add style code manually. Remember to use style codes only when necessary. Use headers to divide your text in sections and use them in a hierarchy without gaps, e.g use 'h2' style syntax with subsections in for example 'h3' style syntax.

Semantic wiki manual

Entry to smw manual: smw help

Styling syntax

In the following table the standard styling syntax is summarized.

Style element Syntax Shows as
Headers == header 2 ==

header 2

=== header 3 ===

header 3

Bulleted list * bullet 1
* bullet 2
** nested bullet
  • bullet 1
  • bullet 2
    • nested bullet
Ordered list # first item
#second item
## nested item
##* nested bullet
  1. first item
  2. second item
    1. nested item 1
      • nested bullet
Indentation : indent    indent
Change text style '''Bold text''' (3 single quotes)
''Italic text'' (2 single quotes)
Bold text
Italic text

To start a new paragraph insert a blank line in the text.

For detailed info see

Symbol syntax

In the following table some symbol syntax is summarized.

Symbol Syntax Shows as
Superscript km<sup>2</sup> km2
Subscript CO<sub>2</sub> CO2
Degrees Celsius &deg; °
lambda &lambda; λ

For more symbols, see the following link:

Link syntax

In the following table the standard link syntax is summarized.

Link type Syntax Shows as
Internal link to another page in the wiki [[Welcome to IMAGE 3.0 Documentation]] Welcome to IMAGE 3.0 Documentation
[[Welcome to IMAGE 3.0 Documentation| Home page IMAGE wiki]] Home page IMAGE wiki
External link
[ Home page PBL] Home page PBL

For detailed info see:

Help pictures/images/files

Help tables

Avoid tables! They are cumbersome and most likely too detailed. Do not use them to layout your text, it is against the accessability guidelines and most of the the time there is an alternative solution for the problem. In case of a data table which is necessary for the text, consider a picture of this data table.

For detailed info see: