Nature Outlook 2010-2040

About the Nature Outlook

foto: Ed Dammers

The Nature Outlook is one of the statutory products of the PBL Netherlands Environmental Agency. PBL develops these Nature Outlook publications in collaboration with other organisations such as, especially, the Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR). With its Nature Outlook 2010–2040 PBL aims to support the political and public debate surrounding the future of nature and the landscape. Interim results from this outlook report have already been used for the Dutch interdepartmental policy research (Interdepartementaal Beleidsonderzoek (IBO)) on nature and the so-called Broad Reconsiderations (nature and the built environment).

The Nature Outlook 2010–2040 answers the following questions:
1. What developments in society and elsewhere could touch upon nature and landscape policy and which challenges will this present? See: Background:Challenges for nature

2. What are the Dutch public’s perceptions of nature? (only available in Dutch, see: Natuurbeelden (perceptions of nature)”)

3. What are conceivable futures for nature and the landscape in the Netherlands, given the challenges and perceptions of nature held in society? See: Nature perspectives

4. What does this mean in terms of possible strategies for central government and other parties concerned with nature and landscape policy? See Policy Suggestions.


The project used a combination of methods to address these questions:

Where possible the project has taken current developments in nature policy into account. E.G. See: Herijking EHS


The Nature Outlook is a statutory product of the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency with cooperation from Wageningen UR.