Nature Outlook 2010-2040

Tailored Nature


In the nature perspective of Tailored Nature, mankind makes use of nature. There is a hive of economic activity going on in and around nature areas. The green surroundings and water provide an attractive setting for this.

People live and work surrounded by nature and enjoy their leisure time there. In and around nature areas fishermen, farmers, project developers and the leisure businesses can earn a good living and exploit nature as part of their commercial activities.

There are always opportunities for nature. Unexpected nature may spring up temporarily on wasteland. And when people turn the soil over to put the land to use again, displaced wildlife will find a place elsewhere.

Environmental authorities tailor their goals to what is feasible and affordable. Under Tailored Nature, the species that thrive will mainly be those that do not place heavy demands on their environment. Exotic species, such as the Ring-necked Parakeet, are welcomed as species that are just as enjoyable to look at as native species. Improvement of environmental conditions is unnecessary.

Which problem will be tackled?

Over the last twenty or thirty years, businesses have found nature and environmental legislation to be severely restricting. They have lost income as a result or had to invest in order to meet environmental requirements. At the same time there is a demand for nature as a pleasant setting in which to live and work.

The challenge for society is to provide more room to live in green surroundings, for agriculture and other economic activities, in such a way that basic ecological quality is maintained. Certainly in view of the present economic downturn, businesses need more room.

Why do people want this?

The nature perspective of Tailored Nature is based on the view that nature is important, but human needs and the economy are even more important. Nature certainly does not cause situations that are unsafe or a nuisance, such as floods or mosquito plagues. Nature is by definition flexible and can cope with some degree of pressure.

What is the policy strategy?

Under Tailored Nature, the government reduces legislation to such a point that more economic opportunities presented by nature may be utilised. At the same time this means that use functions will regularly come into conflict with one another. With regulation, which would fit under this nature perspective, a greater number of activities could take place. One example is that of reserving an area at sea for fishing, if fisheries are forced out because of other commercial activities, such as sand extraction or wind farms. Furthermore, the Netherlands can utilize the leeway available under the European biodiversity strategy for multiple uses of nature.

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The Nature Outlook is a statutory product of the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency with cooperation from Wageningen UR.