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What will nature in the EU look like by 2050? In this Nature Outlook we elaborate four perspectives, each exploring a desired future state of nature. The basis for the perspectives was developed in a series of stakeholder dialogues. For each perspective, we will describe possible stakeholder coalitions and possible actions to be taken by the EU, governments, businesses and civil society. read more about working with perspectives

The perspectives are:

Furthermore, a reference scenario is being developed. This is a business-as-usual scenario, describing socio-economic and physical trends and their impacts on nature up to 2050.

The elaboration of the perspectives is a work in progress. The storylines and visualisations you find on the website now are meant to give a first impression.

Open invitation for input

For this project, we actively seek input from stakeholders throughout Europe. We are keen to hear your ideas about the future of nature in the EU. If you would like to contribute or become involved, please let us know!

Henk van Zeijts, Project manager
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