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Data Format

This section describes the structure and contents of the gridded emission files available for public access through anonymous FTP.

Description of filename

code:  tsfyyccc.fff 
t= source type
s= sector
f= sub-sector/fuel type
yy= year (last 2 digits)
ccc= compound (formula, 2 or 3 characters)
fff= file format (e.g. 1x1, gei, wk1, prn, eps)

File format

1x1 =  1x1 degree grid cells, with borders on whole degrees using lower left corner coordinates as cell indicator
gei = GEIA format, using cell numbers to label grid cells
wk1 = table per sector and region for a compound in Lotus 123 format
prn = table per sector and region for a compound in ASCII format
eps = map in PostScript format

Format for grid files with extension "1x1":  x,y,value
x = longitude (coordinate of lower left corner)
y = latitude (coordinate lower left corner)
value = real in format n.nnnne+nn (comma used as separator; no spaces)

Unit: kg element (C, N or S)/cell/a, except NMVOC: kg/cell/a and except in some summary tables


co2 = CO2
ch4 = CH4
n2o = N2O
co  = CO
nox = NO2
so2 = SO2
nmv = NMVOC (total)
vnn = NMVOC compound group no. nn (see separate list)
nnn = last 3 (2) digits of CFC-11,12,113,114,115;
or Halon-1211,1301;
or HCFC-22,142b;
xxx = other halogenated compounds (e.g. CTC, MCF, CH3Br as 3br)

Source type

f = fuel combustion per sector, including fuel production/transmission
c = combustion (per sector/fuel type) [Not implemented at FTP site]
b = biofuel combustion per sector
i = industrial processes (non-combustion) and solvent use
l = landuse and waste treatment
n = natural sources
a = air traffic
t = total (only for summary tables per compound)
1. Grid files (*.1x1) are generally available at the site as compressed files (*.1x1.Z),in order to speed up data transfer and to save disc space. You will have to use the UNIX command 'uncompress' to get the original files, which may then expend in size by a factor of 2 or 3. In case you don't have acess to uncompressing facilities please let us know. We may be able to temporarily uncompress the requested files for you.
2. In general small letters are used for file names; however, for sector codes sometimes also capital letters are used.

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