COMMIT: Climate pOlicy assessment and Mitigation Modeling to Integrate national and global Transition pathways

The global stocktaking process of the Paris Agreement requires sufficient analytical capacity to ensure fair evaluation of country policies, and requires a good understanding of different outcomes and assumptions between the analytical teams that provide input into the negotiations. The COMMIT research project aims to contribute the analytical capacity to this process. Its intended contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue in 2018, preceding the official global stocktake starting in 2023, is to jointly develop insights by discussing analyses of national and global low-carbon pathways among project partners and with policymakers.

News and events

  • Presentations of COP24 side events

    Presentations of both side events at COP24 in Katowice are now available, as well as a visual summary of the event at the EU pavilion. Visit Contribution to COP24.
  • Contribution to COP24

    COMMIT will organise two side events at the COP24 (December 2018, Katowice). The official UNFCCC event is jointly organised with WRI Mexico and titled NDC and LTS modelling: opportunities, lessons...
  • Contribution to the Talanoa Dialogue

    The COMMIT project has submitted a policy brief to the Talanoa Dialogue platform, as input to the climate negotiations in Katowice in December (COP24), together with the CD-LINKS project, as...
  • Side event at UN Climate Change Conference April 2018

    The COMMIT and CD-LINKS projects, together with the European Commission’s DG Climate Action, are organizing an official side event at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (30 April –...