Scenarios and Nature-based Solutions

Linking together nature-based solutions in diverse landscapes, their global potential, and on-the-ground cases to inspire decision makers and stakeholders about the potential of nature-based solutions and restoration in addressing climate change, ensuring food security and reducing biodiversity loss.

Introducing PBL and Global Scenarios

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency is an independent research institute working in the fields of environment, nature and spatial planning.

We contribute towards improving the quality of environmental decision-making by conducting outlook studies, analyses and evaluations. This work includes the use of scenarios and computer models to understand how global, long-term environmental change and sustainability problems that are driven by human activities develop over time.

PBL recognises that our global scenario analysis often appears abstract for decision makers or indeed distant from local realities in which actual implementation of these solutions need to take place.

This website bridges the gap between global scenarios and local realities, with the aim to both inspire and inform decision makers about the potential of nature-based solutions and restoration. By linking PBL’s global scenario work on restoration, conservation, sustainable use and management of natural resources with concrete local examples of nature-based solutions and restoration in practice, this website showcases how global sustainability goals can be connected to local level action.