Perspective ‘Strengthening Cultural Identity’
Nature contributes to the identity of places and local more

Nature Outlook: perspectives on nature in the EU

How can citizens, organisations and businesses become more engaged in the protection and development of nature in the EU? More engagement is needed, as policy targets are not within reach. In the Nature Outlook, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency uses a new approach to explore this question. Based on the multiple visions that people have on nature, we have elaborated four different perspectives on nature in the EU by 2050 and explore the synergies between them. Which new approaches could complement current nature policies? read more


  • EU nature policies become more effective if they link more closely to the wide variety of people’s values

    Taking the variety of people’s perspectives on nature into account could increase their level of engagement and that of businesses, and make nature policies more effective.

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  • Background report 'Perspectives on the future of nature in Europe: impacts and combinations' published

    This report shows that many synergetic combinations exist between pro-nature actions from varying perspectives, in particular in urban regions and mountainous areas.

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  • What is your perspective on nature? Watch the videos

    People relate to nature in several ways. In a series of videos, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency presents four perspectives on the future of nature in Europe

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  • ALTER-Net Policy brief embraces perspective-based approach

    A new Policy brief by ALTER-Net embraces the perspective-based approach to nature policies of the Nature Outlook project by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

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28 june 2018 | Workshop @ International Youth+ camp | Hogersmilde, the Netherlands


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