Nature Outlook study comes at an opportune moment

lancering van de Nature Outlook van PBL
The report ‘European nature in the plural – Finding common ground for a next policy agenda’ was launched on 23 March 2017 in Brussels, during an event organised by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. A summary of the event is available.

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Roel Feringa from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs explained the context of the study, and PBL’s Director-General Hans Mommaas presented the outcomes. The study’s main conclusion is that EU nature policies become more effective if they would link more closely to the diverse ways in which people value nature. Also present was Humberto Delgado Rosa (EC DG Environment), who indicated that this new outlook study comes at a very opportune moment, as the EU has just finalised the fitness check of its nature legislation and will soon need to start developing its post-2020 biodiversity strategy.

At the launch event, three other speakers reflected on the policy challenges identified in the report. Alberto Arroyo Schnell (IUCN) indicated that he considers the report a first building block for the debate on nature conservation post-2020, in which nature policies should be connected more closely with other policy domains. Biodiversity needs a shared agenda that properly reflects the common goal of nature conservation. Myriam Pérez-Dumoulin (Agropolis Foundation and YPARD) highlighted the importance of participatory research into sustainable and nature-inclusive agricultural systems. Furthermore, current challenges in agriculture require a rethink of the design of agricultural markets. David Jamieson (City of Edinburgh and Greenspace Scotland), presented the lessons that were learned, over the years, with respect to connecting people to nature. Community-led initiatives are able to reach more and different people than the authorities ever could.