Preview presented at nature directors’ meeting 10-12 October, final results to be published in February 2017

foto uitzicht Slowakije
‘A first building block for a new EU biodiversity strategy’ – this is how representatives of IUCN European Regional Office described the Nature Outlook study by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director of Natural Capital at DG Environment (European Commission) called the project ‘inspiring’. The comments came following a presentation of the study at the biannual meeting of nature and biodiversity directors of the EU Member States, in Slovakia, on 10-12 October 2016.

Videos ‘perspectives on nature’ – preview

PBL was invited by current EU President Slovakia to present the preliminary results of the study; the meeting took place at a remote location in the lower Tatra mountains. The presentation included a sneak preview of four new videos explaining the four perspectives on nature that form the heart of the project. These videos will be released nearer the publication of the final report. PBL feels encouraged by the positive reactions to both the results and the videos.

Publication February 2017

Publication of the final results is now scheduled for February 2017. Publication at the end of this year, as originally planned, may interfere with the publication of the communication of the EU on the fitness check of EU nature legislation – which is foreseen to take place at the end of 2016.