Allowing Nature to Find its Way


In Allowing Nature to Find its Way, people feel strongly about the intrinsic value of natural processes and species, and feel responsible for providing nature with sufficient space and time to develop. Nature knows best – plants grow where they fit the best, water flows freely and animals have room to migrate. Nature is defined by dynamic processes, it destroys and creates. It is believed to be resilient when its dynamics are provided with sufficient room. Therefore, a large nature network has been developed that also includes wildlife corridors and rivers. Rivers within the network are free to meander, allowing fish to migrate. Ecotourism takes people to places where they can observe wolves, bears, deer, salmon and pike and where they can experience nature’s tranquillity and greatness. From this perspective, nature elements within cities also have a ‘wild’ and dynamic character, with parks and rivers boasting a wide diversity of plants and animals. New wild nature is connected to socio-economic agendas, offering new income sources from tourism, and sustainable forestry, angling and hunting. In Allowing Nature to Find its Way, government authorities and private investors fund the development of dynamic natural systems, linked with the local social-economic agenda. The coordination of initiatives is provided at supra-national level to ensure that all initiatives together lead to a coherent nature network.

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