Going with the Economic Flow


In Going with the Economic Flow, the focus is on nature that suits people’s individual lifestyle. Public authorities are responsible for ensuring a basic network of nature areas, while businesses and citizens take the initiative in nature management and development outside these areas; for example, for leisure or health, or as an attractive living environment. Beautiful private estates are developed with villas, shady tree lanes, meadows and lakes. Residents can enjoy the tranquillity of these areas – just as many birds will. Private parks are developed within cities, too, and memberships or entrance fees are common. Farming and forestry have sufficient room for efficient food and wood production. Nature managers have created ways to generate funds to co-finance nature conservation; for example, in the form of upmarket nature adventures or production of wind energy in nature areas. In Going with the Economic Flow, initiatives are primarily undertaken by private actors, such as businesses (including real estate, health and insurance), nature organisations, philanthropists or private landowners. Governments guarantee no net loss of biodiversity, for example through regulation that prescribes compensation for the degradation of nature reserves. Governments also stimulate private initiatives for nature protection.

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