Are global CO2 emissions
still rising?

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Yes, CO2 emissions are still increasing

Which are the largest emitters?

That depends on your perspective

Have industrialised countries
reduced their emissions?

Yes, they have. At the same time the share of developing countries is rapidly increasing

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Are there signs of change?

Yes, the share of wind and solar in energy supply is growing at an accelerated pace...

...and by early 2014, at least 144 countries had renewable energy
targets in place, up from circa 50 countries in 2005.

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The report

Olivier JGJ, Janssens-Maenhout G, Muntean M and Peters JAHW (2014), Trends in global CO2 emissions; 2014 Report, The Hague: PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency; Brussels: Joint Research Centre.

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Projections 2020

The Climate Pledge-Act-Review tool gives a summary of the greenhouse gas emission reduction proposals (pledges), domestic policies of major countries and regions and the impact on the emissions by 2020

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